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William Ernest Henley, 'To W.R.' [1992]


Title: 'To W.R.'

William Ernest Henley (Author)

(Single-sheet) Edition of 1 copy. 1 page. ~30.0 cm (height).

Publication: c. 1992 [Loanhead].

Typeface: Bembo

Keywords: Poetry

The exact year of production is not known. Even though the limitation statement says that one copy was printed, there are at least four copies in existence. The Library of Dartmouth possesses two copies, one on green paper and one on cream. Two more copies (one on pink paper and another one on green) were part of the John Updike (the Edinburgh booksellers) collection. The pictured copy is the pink copy, previously in the Updike collection. Halliwell states that this was printed for George Sims.

Edition variants

We will have more information on this variant soon.

William Ernest Henley, 'To W.R.' [1992]

Halliwell ref.: D


Single sheets and broadsides


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