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Vincent O'Sullivan, Olivia Mist (2009)


Title: Olivia Mist

Vincent O'Sullivan (Author)

(Book) Edition of 65 copies. 23 pages. ~25.3 cm (height).

Publication: 2009 [Beauly]. "Privately printed, Beauly".

Typeface: Stephenson Blake Perpetua

Keywords: Short story, 1890s

The previous appearance of this story was in the American Century Magazine (November, 2016).

The dedication page reports that This printing of Olivia Mist is for Barry Humphries.

Edition variants

65 numbered copies.

Printed on Accent Fresco paper, and sewn in dark purple wrappers with printed paper label.

Standard edition, cover
Standard edition, title page
Standard edition, colophon page


The Tragara Press, after 1991

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