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Some recent publications of the Tragara Press, Edinburgh (1975)

Title: Some recent publications of the Tragara Press, Edinburgh

Subtitle: Spring 1975

(Price list) Edition of an unspecified number of copies. 4 pages.

Publication: 1975 [Edinburgh]. The Tragara Press


- The Dying of Francis Donne: a Study, by Ernest Dowson, for £3.50

- A Memory of W.H. Davies, by Helen Thomas, for £4.00

- Agamemnon's Tomb, by Sacheverell Sitwell, for £1.25

- In Hollow Sleep, by Brian Keeble, for £1.00

- Edward Thomas: a Talk, by Helen Thomas, for £3.50

- Some Letters of Pino Orioli to Mrs Gordon Crotch, for £6.25

- An Old War, by Roy Fuller, for £2.00

- The Object of an Affair, by Julian Symons, for £2.75 (special edition: £5.00)

- The Reverse Side of the Coin, Some further correspondence between Frederick William Rolfe and Grant Richards, for £5.00

- Lifelines, by Lawrence Durrell, for £3.00

- Memories of Frieda Lawrence, by Martha Gordon Crotch, for £5.00 (special edition: £7.50)

- A Bibliography of the Writings of Frances Cornford, by Alan Anderson, for £3.25


- Letters from Vincent O'Sullivan to A.J.A. Symons.

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