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John Talbot White, A Sequence for Modigliani (1965)


Title: A Sequence for Modigliani

John Talbot White (Author)

(Book) Edition of 20 copies. 12 pages.

Publication: 1965 [Edinburgh]. The Tragara Press

Typeface: Baskerville Italic

Keywords: Poetry

Even though Alan Anderson writes in his bibliography that the twenty copies were "printed on green Millbourne hand-made paper", both copies examined are on paper bearing the watermark "W KING ALTON MILL".

Edition variants

20 copies.

Printed on green Millbourne hand-made paper.
The title page forms the front cover.

Standard edition, front page
Standard edition, colophon page
Standard edition, watermark

Halliwell ref.: A13


The Tragara Press, 1954-1991


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