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John Gray, A Phial (1954)


Title: A Phial

John Gray (Author)

(Book) Edition of 25 copies. 11 pages. ~16.8 cm (height).

Publication: 1954 [Edinburgh]. The Tragara Press

Typeface: Stephenson Blake Perpetua Italic

Keywords: Poetry, 1890s

The first publication of the Tragara Press, printed in 25 copies "for private distribution".

The 24-line poem was first printed in The Venture, in 1903.

Edition variants

25 numbered copies.

Printed on cream Basingwerk Parchment, and sewn in pale green card wrappers, lettered on the front.

Standard edition, cover
Standard edition, title page
Standard edition, colophon page


University of Delaware Library (#3).
National Library of Scotland (#18).
Dartmouth Library.
University of Oxford.

Halliwell ref.: A1


The Tragara Press, 1954-1991


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