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Edward Thomas, Rupert Brooke (2012)


Title: Rupert Brooke

Subtitle: 1887-1915

Edward Thomas (Author)

(Book) Edition of 45 copies. 13 pages. ~25.0 cm (height).

Publication: 2012 [Beauly]. "Privately printed, Beauly".

Typeface: Stephenson Blake Perpetua

Keywords: Obituary

The last book printed by Alan Anderson.

The first twenty copies were bound in a variety of marbled and patterned wrappers, while plain purple paper wrappers were useed for the last twenty.

In a letter to the Eric Stevens, Alan Anderson mentions that "in order to use up various sheets of marble paper. [he] bound the first 20 in a variety of designs. The remaining 25 are in plain covered boards."

According to the tipped-in note, this obituary first appeared in the English Review (June 1915).

Edition variants

45 numbered copies.

Printed on Accent Fresco paper, and sewn in a variety of wrappers with printed paper label.

Standard edition, cover
Standard edition, alternative cover
Standard edition, title page
Standard edition, colophon page


The Tragara Press, after 1991

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