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David Burnett, Kantharos (1989)

Title: Kantharos

David Burnett (Author), Frank Martin (Woodcuts)

(Book) Edition of 110 copies. 19 pages. ~20.0 cm (height).

Publication: 1989 [Loanhead]. The Tragara Press

Typeface: Bembo

Keywords: Poetry

Edition variants

110 copies.

Printed on W.S. vellum, and sewn in plum wrappers with printed paper label.

£ 7.50 / Listed in Some recent and forthcoming publications of the Tragara Press, Edinburgh - 1990.

Halliwell ref.: A133


The Tragara Press, 1954-1991


George Gissing / P. F. Kropholler (ed.), Aphorisms and Reflections (1989) »

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