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D. H. Lawrence, Snake (1984)


Title: Snake

D. H. Lawrence (Author)

(Book) Edition of 12 copies. 7 pages. ~25.5 cm (height).

Publication: 1984 [Edinburgh]. Printed for Anthony and Jean Rota

Typeface: Bembo

Keywords: Poetry

Printed for Anthony and Jean Rota "in honour of the 80th birthday of George Lazarus Esq 22nd March 1984". George Lazarus was a collector of letters by D.H. Lawrence, and a very good customer of the booksellers Bertram Rota.

According to Steven Halliwell, the twelve in-series copies were printed on laid paper. However, the proof copy at hand was printed on Amatruda Amalfi (wove), and the printer's hand-written note does not mark this paper as being different to the one used for the twelve in-series copies.

This edition was not listed by Alan Anderson in his 1979-1991 bibliography. Whether this omission was deliberate is not known. When asked by George Sims in 1958 for his list of Likes & Dislikes, Alan Anderson listed D.H. Lawrence in his list of dislikes.

Edition variants

12 copies.

Printed on Amatruda Amalfi paper, and sewn in mustard-yellow card wrappers with printed paper label.

Standard edition, cover
Standard edition, title page
Standard edition, colophon page


Library of Congress.
National Library of Scotland (set of loose sheets).
University of Nottingham (set of loose sheets).

Halliwell ref.: B47


Privately commissioned work


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